Feature Films- Short Movies -Documentaries

Scoring background scores for films, documentaries, and short movies is an art that adds depth, emotion, and atmosphere to visual storytelling. At Musicloudstudio & Technology, our skilled composers create evocative musical compositions that seamlessly blend with the visuals, enhancing the narrative and intensifying the audience’s connection to the on-screen events. Through careful selection of instruments, motifs, and dynamics, we bring out the essence of the story, capturing the audience’s hearts and minds.

A Voice Unsilenced – Short Doc 

Power of Education – ACPN

Kurai Ondrum Illai (Tamil Feature Film)

Jaya (Short Movie)

Warrior Series -Lt Nawang Kapadia

Aastha ki Kiran (Documentary)

Hotseat (Short Movie)

Seeds of Change(Documentary)

Two of Us (Short Movie)

Roots to Fruits(Documentary)

Roots of Resilience(Documentary)

Where Eagles Dared

Lt. Col Niranjan E.K

Healthy Successful Students

Andhra Tourism(Documentary)

Vedics Goshala

Accidental Crime (Short Movie)

Hale Paper (Short Movie) Consultation & Dubbing

Andhra Tourism(Documentary)