Voice Over & Dubbing

At Musicloudstudio & Technology, we offer professional voice-over recording and dubbing services to help bring characters, narratives, and messages to life. Our expertise extends beyond feature films and documentaries, as we have also provided dubbing services for a wide range of premier advertisements and awareness videos. Furthermore, we have crafted captivating audiobooks for several prominent OTT platforms such as Audible, Pratilipi, PocketFM, and many others.

Ola Electric | Building The S1 Air

Samsung AD – Curd Maestro Refrigerator:

Samsung AD – Bespoke Side By Side Refrigerator:

Karnataka Bank-1

Karnataka Bank-2

Bimbisara – Teaser

Yoga My Pride

Spiritual Discourses

Creativity can work wonders

Stalker – Kannada Feature Film

Paschathapa – Short Movie

EcoGram – Awareness Ad

Cry – Seeds Of Hope

Warrior Series -Lt Nawang Kapadia

Lt. Col Niranjan E.K

Never Skip

iTrack Ad Film

Kannada Neethi Kathegalu

Dozee, India’s No 1 Contactless Health Tracker

Dozee: Contact-free health innovation

Dozee: संपर्क मुक्त स्वास्थ्य नवाचार

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